The time in hospice is an extremely difficult time. Time seems to stand still and yet go by with incredible speed. The conundrum of wanting a quick death for your loved one, and yet wanting time to stand still so you can have him around just a little bit longer. That time is made more difficult when you realize the hospice journey for your loved one relies more on you and the caregivers than you ever thought possible. We quickly learned the hospice nurse is there for a short time and then moves onto the next patient. And you are there, by the bedside, trying to do the best you can. We realized we were not prepared. We realized the caregivers were not prepared. There aren’t enough words to prepare you to go through hospice when your loved one is dying, but we are hoping that this site provides some guidance and tools to help you, and your loved one, through this time.

We would love to hear from you. Please share your story. Let us know if this website was useful. Do you have anything to add that could help others? Let’s overcome our grief by helping others.

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